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The Fuehrer's Blood

by Shreyans Zaveri

Theodor Bachmeier, a defunt Nazi soldier is on the run as he enters Berlin, looking for his lady love Adelheid. It's the 1st of May 1945, the Russian army has advanced deep into Berlin and are about to reach Hitler's doorstep. On this fateful night, a group of Germans chirstened 'Blood Moon' unite in a blood stained Berlin to carry out an unusual mission. They are about to enter hostile Russian territory to rescue Han. Han or 'The Shadow' is Hitler's henchman captured by the Russian warlord Konstantin. Theodor gets caught in a terrible cross fire along with 'Blood Moon'. The scale quickly tips against them as they discover that Hitler is alive and on the run. Thrust into his worst nightmares, Theodor must now race against time to not only find Han but also hunt down Hitler.

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Shreyans S Zaveri

"The Fuehrer's Blood" is Shreyans Zaveri's first literary fiction novel and the first ever German perspective on World War II by an Indian author.

Shreyans was always intrigued by the history of WW II. The author travels down uncanny valley with 'The Fuehrer's Blood'. This novel stands as a fitting tribute to the Germans who stood up against Hitler. With a narrative that delves deep into the Nazi dictator's mind and personal life, it gives a deep sense of justice being delivered. Shreyans loves the art of storytelling. From the photographs he clicks, to the movies he makes and the books he authors, there is always a story waiting to be told.







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